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Lil' Bit Country Designer Pups

Puppy Guarantee

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Puppy Guarantee
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Puppy Guarantee

This puppy to the best of our knowledge is in sound health and free of communicable diseases when it leaves our home.

If this puppy is being sold as a house pet and should not under any circumstances be housed outdoors. If the Buyer is unable to keep the puppy, he or she is to contact the Seller first before placing the puppy. Under NO circumstances is a puppy from Lil’ Bit Country Designer Pups to be placed in a pet store or shelter. No puppies are ever brokered or placed for resell.

Adult sizes are an estimate only, based on sellers experience and recognition. No guarantees are made. All puppies placed as PET ONLY unless previous arrangements have been discussed.  If placed as a breeding dog: Seller is not responsible for bitches or sire's ability to breed or the quality of pups or litter size. It is the buyer's sole responsibility for bills incurred from breeding your dog. Imperial or Tea Cup Females come with a limited registration, they cannot be bred under any circumstance. This constitutes the full agreement between the seller and buyer of this puppy.






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As of this time, the AKC and APR do not accept the Shih Poo as a breed, but there is a registry called the American Canine Hybrid Club that recognizes them. The ACHC issues registration papers stating that your puppy is of two purebred parents. . Be sure to check out the American Canine Hybrid Club at their website at

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